Economic Development Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the Valentine Economic Development Board is to build a solid foundation for economic prosperity and growth in Cherry County by working together to help businesses grow and expand, promote business retention, encourage new business ventures, and improve residents’ quality of life.

About the Board and Staff

The Valentine Economic Development Board (VEDB) is a quasi-governmental entity organized in 2005 under Nebraska’s Interlocal Cooperation Act, as a cooperative entity operating under the City of Valentine and Cherry County, Nebraska. The Valentine Economic Development Board consists of an eight-member board of directors. Each entity involved appoints individuals to serve on the board.

The Valentine Economic Development Board:

  • Promotes and supports local business owners through improvement and expansion.
  • Assists in the successful transfer of existing businesses to the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • Builds a more prosperous, dynamic, and sustainable local economy.
  • Encourages and supports individuals with the desire to start a new business and turn an idea into profitable reality.
  • Enhances the community’s ability to attract and recruit new businesses—as well as new residents and families—to our area.
  • Expands our economy and stabilizes and potentially decreases property tax rates.
  • Creates an atmosphere which encourages superior youth leadership and a vibrant small business climate.

Board Members

  • Nadeane Allard – Chairman of the Board
  • Angie Jordan
  • Luke Moser
  • Deanne Holmes
  • Jake Ohlmann

 Staff Members

  • Mike Burge – Executive Director
  • Carolyn Petersen – Assistant to Executive Director/Treasurer