Final Phase 1 Construction Update of 2021

Good morning, Valentine! As of this weekend, traffic control at the various intersections was removed and pedestrian traffic previously affected on Cherry Street sidewalks has been restored. After a month and a half of road construction, vehicular traffic has been reinstated as normal, all weight and length restrictions ceasing. Miscallenous tasks will continue throughout the […]

Phase 1: Valentine Main Street Construction Update

As we reach the middle of the week, there are multiple updates to be shared regarding the Main Street Project. It is our pleasure to announce work is nearing completion for Phase 1. The fuel tank discovered at 4th and Main Street has been removed and repair of an existing copper water line has been […]

After One Month of Phase 1 Construction – Main Street Project

As Moonlight Madness weekend kicks off, there is updated information regarding Phase 1 construction. Concrete resurfacing has concluded at the Highway 20 and Cherry Street intersection. At this time however, this route is still unaccessible for use. Traffic will be reinstated depending on monitored concrete maturity and strength. At the Highway 83 and Cherry Street […]

Phase 1 Week 3 Construction Update: Valentine Main Street Project

Happy Friday, Valentine! As the weekend begins, here is a construction update from the past week. Storm water culvert construction has ended and concrete resurfacing has begun with most of Highway 20 and Cherry Street in place. Concrete work will continue throughout the weekend, weather permitting, on parking areas and sidewalks and is expected to […]

Update for the Week of Oct. 11-15: Valentine Main Street Project

As an update on construction work for the current week, concrete removal at the Main Street and Highway 83 intersection for Phase 1 will be complete by the end of the day October 14. All traffic control recently communicated is still placed in effect and local traffic and residents are allowed access through barricades to […]

Valentine Main Street Week 1 Construction

On Monday, October 4, Department of Transportation work officially began on Cherry Street to prepare for the Main Street project detour beginning in the spring. Both Highway 20 and Highway 83 and Cherry Street intersections were closed off with barrels, barricades, and concrete barriers. Regarding Highway 20 traffic, westbound right lane traffic must turn right […]

Valentine Main Street Project

The City of Valentine is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the Main Street Project is well underway. Primarily, the focus has been on Cherry Street in order to prepare for detour routes beginning in the spring during Phase 2 construction. The roadway radius for both Highway 20 and Highway 83 intersections has been […]

Keep Cherry County B-E-A-utiful!!

We are surrounded by beauty in Cherry County.  We are lucky to be minutes away from a host of scenic pleasures.  Whether it is a National Park, State Park, or Private or public lands please, please, please respect it.  The individuals that care for these beautiful places shouldn’t have to clean up after us or […]

Valentine & Cherry County…..Honestly, I feel it “IS” for everyone!

Often times, I feel that I personally do not go on vacation or venture out of the county, because I already have it all ….. right here!  We dub Valentine as the “Heart City”, with good reason.  However; Valentine may be the heart of Cherry County, but remember, all of the strong communities that surround […]

Time to start thinking summer!

It’s that time of year.  Kids will be out of school soon and the summer events begin.  We have two new events this year to go along with all the others.  Saturday, May 26th will be the inaugural Niobrara River Festival.  There will be canoe and kayak races, food, beer and music.  It starts at […]