Keep Cherry County B-E-A-utiful!!

We are surrounded by beauty in Cherry County.  We are lucky to be minutes away from a host of scenic pleasures.  Whether it is a National Park, State Park, or Private or public lands please, please, please respect it.  The individuals that care for these beautiful places shouldn’t have to clean up after us or have to spend time worrying if there will be trespassing or vandalism. “Leave no Trace” is an initiative the adopted by the Center for Outdoor Ethics that I thought was fitting here with hopes to minimize the adverse impacts seen at parks including:

· User-created (undesignated) trails which lead to erosion, wildlife and vegetation disturbance
· Increasing amounts of trash found on the trails
· Wildlife being approached or fed
· Wildflowers being picked or trampled
· Unprepared hikers
· Disregard for park rules

1. Know Before You Go
2. Stick To Trails
3. Trash Your Trash
4. Leave It As You Find It
5. Be Careful With Fire
6. Keep Wildlife Wild
7. Share Your Trails

We need to take care of these treasures so that they are open and safe for future generations to enjoy.

Keep Cherry County B-E-A-utiful!  Now go outside!