Phase 1 Week 3 Construction Update: Valentine Main Street Project

Happy Friday, Valentine!

As the weekend begins, here is a construction update from the past week. Storm water culvert construction has ended and concrete resurfacing has begun with most of Highway 20 and Cherry Street in place. Concrete work will continue throughout the weekend, weather permitting, on parking areas and sidewalks and is expected to be complete by the end of the weekend.

Regarding Main Street and Highway 83, a buried fuel tank has been discovered and will be removed upon approval of distinct personnel through monitoring, sampling, and reporting efforts. Once this is complete, concrete will be replaced and current traffic control at this intersection will be removed.

A tentative schedule regarding remaining work for Phase 1 has been provided to the City of Valentine and we are pleased with the efforts of the Department of Transportation in completing Phase 1 in a timely manner.

Updates regarding the Valentine Main Street Project may also be found at the link provided below: