Spring is here….I think

It appears that spring is actually here.  Things are warming up and it’s time to start heading out into the great outdoors!  We’re starting to see a few people paddling the Niobrara River and that will increase greatly in the upcoming weeks.  I talked to one of our most skilled fisherman yesterday and he assured me that the walleye would start biting now.  According the Nebraska Game & Parks fishing forecast Merritt Reservoir should be, by far, the best walleye lake in the state.  I also saw really nice crappies come out through the ice this year.  Golfing has already started at Frederick Peak Golf Club and The Prairie Club is gearing up to start later this month.  We now have four golf courses in the area, all designed by pros!  So, start planning your vacation to Nebraska’s playground, Valentine Nebraska, Small Town, Big Adventure.