Update for the Week of Oct. 11-15: Valentine Main Street Project

As an update on construction work for the current week, concrete removal at the Main Street and Highway 83 intersection for Phase 1 will be complete by the end of the day October 14. All traffic control recently communicated is still placed in effect and local traffic and residents are allowed access through barricades to local businesses and residences.

Additional progress made this week includes subgrade preparation for concrete surfacing at Highway 20 and Cherry Street, new street light footing is in place for the new location, storm sewer construction has begun, culvert work is nearing completion, and the fire hydrant relocation and replacement will take place Friday, October 15.

It is important to note water will be turned off from 3rd to 4th and Cherry Street on Friday morning. All residents located within this area have been notified by the City of Valentine. As a reminder, Valentine Dental Clinic is closed on Fridays, therefore business will not be affected by the disruption of services.