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Main Street Project Ahead of Schedule? Yes!

You hardly ever hear the words ahead of schedule on big projects like this one, but here it is! Ahead of schedule, An update on Utilities work for the IN VALENTINE projects: Midlands Contracting, Inc. will complete Sanitary Sewer work in the current removal areas. Water Mains are in...

Main Street Project Moving Along!

An update for Utilities work for the IN VALENTINE projects: Haven’t found a tunnel yet, but looking. 😊 Midlands Contracting, Inc. continues construction of Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, and Water Mains. All Sanitary Sewer is in place for the block of 3rd & Main to 4th & Main....

Update on Main Street Construction

Utilities work continues for the IN VALENTINE projects: See attached notice for Water Service Shut Off Notice. Please be advised that water service will be turned off on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 from 9 am to 1 pm to lower the water main piping. The areas affected will be...

Main Street Update

Planning for this week: Midlands Contracting, Inc. plans to complete Storm Sewer work at 3rd & Main this week and will continue preparations to open the 3rd Street crossing.  A second crew will begin placement of the Sanitary Sewer and Manholes working North from 3rd Street...

Update on the Main Street Project

Here is the current update from the Nebraska Dept. of Roads. The first portion, tearing out a section of Main St. went quickly. Hopefully it will continue to be done in as timely a manner as is possible. The current controlling operation for construction of this project is now...

Main Street Construction

The first week of construction of the IN VALENTINE project is complete. A lot of visible progress.  The construction will switch to Utilities Work this week as the removal work is complete. A lot of work to be done with the results buried, visual progress will seem to be slower. Some...

Main Street Construction Starts Today

The following is an update from NE Department of Transportation:   Placement of Temporary Traffic Control Expect Signs, barrels, and temporary traffic lights to be in place. Traffic will be routed to Cherry Street Detour. Measures have been taken to allow access to...

Final Phase 1 Construction Update of 2021

Good morning, Valentine! As of this weekend, traffic control at the various intersections was removed and pedestrian traffic previously affected on Cherry Street sidewalks has been restored. After a month and a half of road construction, vehicular traffic has been reinstated as normal, all...

Phase 1: Valentine Main Street Construction Update

As we reach the middle of the week, there are multiple updates to be shared regarding the Main Street Project. It is our pleasure to announce work is nearing completion for Phase 1. The fuel tank discovered at 4th and Main Street has been removed and repair of an existing copper water line...

After One Month of Phase 1 Construction – Main Street Project

As Moonlight Madness weekend kicks off, there is updated information regarding Phase 1 construction. Concrete resurfacing has concluded at the Highway 20 and Cherry Street intersection. At this time however, this route is still unaccessible for use. Traffic will be reinstated depending on...

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The history of Sandhills ranch life is on display at Arthur Bowring Ranch State Historical Park, a 7,202-acre ranch located three miles north and east of Merriman off Highway 20. Former U.S. Senator Eve Bowring managed the ranch until her death in 1985 at age 92. Her wish was to preserve the...

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